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During the first seven months of 2009 Jackson Hewitt and Integra Business Systems have worked together to integrate the iDentifi.Net document management systems with ProFiler and JHNet. The integration was then piloted at franchise and TSA offices starting in June and will continue till the end of October. During this time we set and accomplished the following goals:

  1. Automatically send the same FOP print documents not to the printer but to be signed electronically.
  2. Allow the preparer to display and explain all the FOP documents on the PC.
  3. Guide the customer(s) to each signature area for signing from the beginning of the FOP documents to the end.
  4. Identify to the preparer any pages not reviewed or not signed and require the review and signature steps be completed before finishing the process.
  5. Once review and signing is complete, automatically store the FOP documents in the data centers and print the required documents for the customer(s) to take with them.
  6. Automatically store the federal tax return documents in the datacenter with the FOP documents.
  7. Produce an access letter that provides customer with a way of retrieving their own documents online.
  8. Provide the ability to scan customer documents (W2, etc) at any time.
  9. Provide the ability to retrieve the FOP documents, federal tax documents and scanned customer documents directly from customer lookup.
  10. Provide the ability to place a partially signed FOP package on hold to be retrieved later when the other signer comes in.

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