Why Use Electronic Signature and Storage (ESS)?

For each return processed using ESS versus those still done on paper one will observe improved efficiencies, improved security, improved customer experience and a greener process.

How Does Electronic Signature and Storage Work?
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ESS Improved Efficiencies

  • Elimination of filing the FOP paperwork
  • Elimination of manually retrieving FOP paperwork or federal tax documents
  • Elimination of paper shredding*
  • Elimination of labor required to scan and index FOP paperwork (if scanning FOP today)
  • Elimination of moving files from office to off site storage
  • Elimination of the time required to print office copies**
  • Elimination of office space to store paper copies**
  • Elimination of physical paper retrieval for the Compliance Designate

ESS Improved Security

  • Zero paper stored at each office to be compromised
  • Zero paper stored off site to be compromised
  • Signature encrypted into document
  • Biometrics, speed of pen strokes and order of pen strokes, stored with signature
  • Documents stored electronically and encrypted
  • Electronic Documents stored in a secure datacenter
  • Electronic Documents store in a second secure data center for disaster recovery
  • Secure data centers provide redundant power with battery backup and generator backup
  • Secure data centers provide multiple internet connections

ESS Improved Customer Experience

  • Customer only has to electronically sign one set of documents
  • Customer has access to documents online
  • Customer is not waiting for office copies and non-required documents to print out

ESS Greener

  • Elimination of the paper and toner for office copies**
  • Elimination of paper and toner for documents not required documents to print
  • Elimination of manila file folders**
  • Elimination of filing cabinets**